Relcross PS06 | 24Vdc 2.0 Amp Power Supply (PSU)

Relcross PS06 | 24Vdc 2.0 Amp Power Supply (PSU)

Relcross PS06 | 24Vdc 2.0 Amp Power Supply (PSU)

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    24Vdc 2.0 Amp Power Supply

    This continuously rated power supply accommodates electromagnetic door closers, FSE & FS electrified locks used in access control systems and FS electrified locks used on escape routes.

    When used with access controllers, all power supplies switch power at the electrified lock when an authorised code, card, tag or fob is presented at the secure side of the door. Fail secure (FSE) locks require power to be switched on to release the lock. Fail-safe (FS) locks require that power is switched off. Both functions are provided via an Entry Relay. Relcross will provide the correct entry relay to suit the access controller. However, if we are not providing the controller, we must know the controller's output at the outset. Electromagnetic hold-open closers are controlled by the building fire alarm/detector; the door closes automatically in the event of a fire or power failure. 

    • Two-stage current protection
    • Short circuit protection
    • Thermal overload protection
    • Constant voltage regulation
    • Mains failure or low battery voltage warning, user-selectable
    • Enclosure door 3 LED status indicators
    • PCB mounted engineering status LED indicators, show: Over Current & Relay Status
    • Battery management electronics providing: Low Voltage Trip (to disconnect battery and extend battery life) & Reverse Battery Polarity Protection
    • Cabinet dimensions in mm: 325mmH * 255mmW * 90mmD

    Relcross manufactures the PS0 series of power supplies and transformers specifically for use with access control and door control hardware. However, our power supplies can be used with any manufacturer’s electrified locks and accessories as long as the rating and operational expectations are checked carefully.

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    UKCA | CE | Warranty: 2 Years (Electrical)

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