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  • Pemko - 'Flip' PDL
    Pemko - 'Flip' PDL
    Privacy Door Latch
    for Corridor to Interior Openings

    A durable accessory allowing doors to be opened for identification while providing privacy/security for guests/residents

    Easy to Install
    Simple to Operate
    Allows Unhindered Door Control

  • Briton inspec Series
    Briton inspec Series
    Wing Design Formed Lever Handle (Set). Stainless Steel:

    - EN 1906 Grade 4
    - EN 1670 Grade 3
    - EN 1634 Up to 90 minutes (timber)
    - EN 1634 Up to 4 hr (steel)

    Briton for Safe & Efficient Environments
  • Briton inspec Series
    Briton inspec Series
    redefining door hardware specification for:

    - Architects
    - Designers
    - Building Owners
    - Contractors
    - Installers

    Briton for Safe & Efficient Environments
  • Briton 2820 Floor Springs
    Briton 2820 Floor Springs
    fixed power units with adjustable closing speed and adjustable latch action.

    CE Marked - EN 1154
    Compatible with a series of single/double action pivots & straps.

    Briton for Safe & Efficient Environments
  • Electric Latch Retraction
    Electric Latch Retraction
    Briton 571.EL Exit Device

    Available now - from stock.

    CE Marked to EN1125
    24V Motor - Custom Power Supply
    Adjustable Relocking Delay <30 Seconds
    Switchable Dogging (Hold-Back)

    Briton for Safe & Efficient Environments
  • Briton Innovative Design
    Briton Innovative Design
    prioritizing secure, reliable & safe
    systems design for

    - Entry Points
    - Escape Routes
    - Traffic Flow
    - Access Control

    Briton for Safe & Efficient Environments
  • Briton 3934 Series
    Briton 3934 Series
    HO/Free Swing Fire Door Closers 24V

    - universal mounting (all 3 applications)
    - for doors <1100mm/80 kilos
    - stainless steel & silver finish options
    - CE & Certifire approved

    Briton for Safe & Efficient Environments
  • Keylex Digital Locks
    Keylex Digital Locks
    innovative mechanical digital solutions -

    2100 Series - Briton Compatible
    700 Series - Briton Compatible
    500 Series - Briton Compatible

    Available to buy online here!

    Keylex for Safe & Secure Environments
  • Briton Safeguards
    Briton Safeguards
    products designed to satisfy a comprehensive range of performance requirements including:

    - fire performance (timber & steel)
    - accessibility & safety
    - durability

    Briton for Safe & Efficient Environments
  • Smart Locks...for Android & iPhone
    Smart Locks...for Android & iPhone
    Manage with the K3 Connect App

    Advanced programming & access methods
    - 100 'phone Clients
    - 100 Client User Codes
    - 150 Client Smart Cards

    Codelock for Safe & Secure Environments
  • Briton 131 Door Closer
    Briton 131 Door Closer
    Briton's latest addition to its commercial door control offering -
    for low/medium duty environments

    - CE marked to EN 1154
    - Certifire approved (CF5512)
    - template adjustable power EN 2 - 4
    - for fig.1, fig.66 applications

    Briton for Safe & Efficient Environments
  • Dorgard™ Kick the Wedge!
    Dorgard™ Kick the Wedge!
    - Battery Powered Fire Door Retainers

    UK Fire Certification
    - BS EN 1634-1 & EN 1634-1 (all versions)
    - Holds Fire Doors Open Legally
    - Listens for the Fire Alarm
    - Fire & Smoke Protection
    - Installs in 5 Minutes

    Relcross - Fire & Life Safety First
  • Infection Control
    Infection Control
    ...reduce risk in washrooms

    - Embedded Anti Bacterial Protection
    - Durable Solid Nylon
    - Washroom Fittings
    - Colour Coordinated Accessories
    - Ideal for Hospitals & Care Homes

    Relcross - Fire & Life Safety First
  • Briton - Accessibility
    Briton - Accessibility
    providing guidance through disability legislation aimed at accessibility in commercial buildings

    - The Equality Act
    - Approved Doc M
    - BS8300

    Briton for Safe & Efficient Environments
  • Briton 4700 Hardware
    Briton 4700 Hardware
    providing durability, low maintenance and ease of cleaning - all prerequisite
    elements of any healthcare
    design brief.

    Learn more about our integrated door hardware packages here:

    Briton for Safe & Efficient Environments
  • Briton 5700 Series
    Briton 5700 Series
    providing peace of mind whilst ensuring
    accessibility & safe egress for all.

    UKCA Marked - EN 12209 (EN179)
    Heavy duty profile cylinder lock cases
    designed for commercial applications.

    Briton for Safe & Efficient Environments
  • 2300 & 2700 Series
    2300 & 2700 Series
    CE marked double door coordinator for
    cam action door closers

    - for combined leaf widths <2500mm
    - allows 180° opening angle
    - rated to 120mins (timber)
    - optional HO & Cushion Stop

    Briton for Safe & Efficient Environments
  • Briton Outside Access
    Briton Outside Access
    new anti vandal designs providing a strong and durable means of access - lockable
    from the outside

    - 376 series push bar & push pad devices
    - 560 series push bar devices
    - 570 series touch bar devices
    - available now via the online store

    Briton for Safe & Efficient Environments
  • Relcross 272 Series
    Relcross 272 Series
    a comprehensive range of direct hold magnets & accessories:

    - Internal Access Control
    - Perimeter Security
    - Accessories/Brackets for all Applications
    - Dual Voltage 12Vdc/24Vdc
    - Continuously Rated Power Supplies

    Relcross Fire Rated Magnetic Locks

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